I think I have put together my strongest DJ Mix. I’ll be recording it sometime this month. The first Komplete Mix!!!

The music in it is gonna range from dubstep, house, electro house, electronic, and some mainstream dance-pop :)

Once I have it up, you’ll be able to check it out on soundcloud, and it WILL be put up for a FREE download. Can’t go wrong with a free dance music mix!


Although I doubt I have followers yet, I want to have something visible for non-followers. So here’s some basic info on what my tumblr is all about.

I really want to become a DJ. So I’ll be posting stuff about music I’m making and what not.

I’ll also post about interesting thoughts that occur to me and the thoughts of other people (not to get too philosophical). Really just random things that catch my interest. Or not. Regardless, this blog is just about puking my thoughts out on text.

Enough for now (considering it’s annoying to have to type all this on a phone), so follow the blog man!